josh Portrate Josh is the son of the owner of Plains Heating and Air-Conditioning and the branch manager of the Peyton office. Josh has been working in HVAC for over 20 years. He is our main installer and can make whatever he needs for ductwork to get the job done. There seems to be nothing that stands in his way to get something working. Josh is married to Heather and has 3 kids.


Image Placeholder Heather has been working at Plains for over 10 years and is married to Josh. She is the Office Manager. She manages the company's scheduling, answering phone calls, ordering parts and equipment. All she asks from the team is to be kept informed of what is going on, so she can do her job. Heather is passionate about doing her job well.


Image Placeholder Scott is the main service technician at the Peyton office. Scott can usually find a way to fix anything and will not give up untill he can give answers. Scott will have a degree in computer science at the end of December. He will also be graduating from a 2-year program called School of Discipleship in June 2021. Scott is married with 2 kids and serves at his church every Sunday as the Audio Visual leader.


Image Placeholder Jacob is an up-and-coming technician at the shop. Jacob has been working at Plains Heating Peyton for over 2 years. He makes a good truck monkey (install partner). Jacob has spent much time loading trucks and grabbing partners for the more experienced technicians but is becoming a great install technician and service technician. Jacob is married with two kids.


Image Placeholder Jeff is the newest addition to our team. He serves in his church on the Audio-Visual and security teams. Jeff has been with the shop for less than a year and has had no experience in HAVAC before joining. However, Jeff is a rapid learner and has quickly picked up all the different equipment cleaning services offered and is quickly learning his truck monkey duties. Jeff is all potential right now and only time will tell what kind of great technician he will learn to be. Jeff is married with two kids with hopes to grow his family.